Cadillac Escalade

Type: SUVs


With more refinement, higher-tech and a more comfortable cabin, the 2015 Cadillac Escalade takes both the Cadillac brand and the Escalade nameplate into new territory. Embodying the spirit of tasteful excess, the Escalade is unique in the marketplace for its capabilities.
Those drivers will find the Escalade to be more of everything this year. It is the Cadillac of GM SUVs, and that is no small thing. It's quieter, it's smoother, it's more attractive, and it's more fully equipped, just like GM's other upgraded SUVs and the pickup trucks that spawned them. Of all of them, the Escalade has the most substantial standard powertrain and cabin and technology upgrades, as well as some truly swanky touches.
Cadillac calls the Escalade's new lines crisp, and more sophisticated. The more firmly pressed panels are handsome, but it's the full LED lighting that creates the most effective drama, front and rear, from the vertically stacked elements on the nose to the rear LED taillights that soar up to the roof and illuminate the Cadillac wreath-and-crest logo.